4 Modes of Hiring



Direct Hire

We thoroughly understand there are many different factors that contribute to optimal full-time staffing placements. Our innovative screening and evaluation and integration practices ensure that the candidate our clients ultimately choose will fit seamlessly into their company culture and contribute to their teams’ success.


Looking for a talented consultant to help with a specific project? We are your trusted partner. Our innovative recruiting procedures, combined with our large, constantly updated database of industry experts makes us exceptionally well-equipped to find the ideal consultant for you and the specific task at hand.

Contract To Hire

Sometimes a company needs a flexible consultant who is open to a contract position that could lead to full-time employment. We identify consultants who can excel in such scenarios. A dedicated member of our recruitment team will serve as your partner and advocate throughout the entire relationship, ensuring a smooth and rewarding transition for everyone involved.

Statement of Work

Using one vendor to staff projects can streamline your strategic hiring and save you money….

PCR project staffing services under a statement of work (SOW) allows our clients to build project teams efficiently and quickly.  We will work with strategic sourcing, HR and business stakeholders to leverage your expenditures, build best of breed project teams and facilitate a seamless transition as team members complete various stages of a project.

Our range of strategic project staffing solutions include: blended pricing models, volume discounts, milestone-based billing, capacity building, training, independent contractor compliance, pay rolling solutions and more.

  • Cost reduction through economies of scale.
  • One team lead or project manager versus several consultants.
  • A cohesive team of professionals who work together seamlessly.
  • A pool of cost efficient contractors.
  • Customized sourcing, talent pipelines and on boarding programs.
  • Subject matter expertise.
  • A single source point of contact –risk mitigation.

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